About Us

Since it's beginning in the U.S. in 1960, couples have volunteered their time and energies to bring Marriage Encounter to other couples everywhere.  There are at least 13 denominations sponsoring Marriage Encounter.  Today, more than 8 million couples all over the world have experienced the beauty of their stimulating and heartwarming weekend.  They want to share that experience with YOU because they found something worth passing on!


What is Marriage Encounter?

Who is it for?

What happens during the Marriage Encounter workshop?

Does the workshop respect your privacy?

What does the workshop cost?

Where is it held?


What is Marriage Encounter?   

M.E. is an invitation to a journey of ever-deepening love.  The name "Encounter" is a direct translation from Spanish where the word takes on beautiful connotation of discovering one another.

Marriage Encounter is designed to give married couples the opportunity to examine their lives together.  It is a time to privately share their feelings, their hopes, disappointments, joys, and frustrations openly and honestly in a face-to-face, heart-to-heart encounter with the one person they have chosen to live their life with.

Who is it for?   

Any married couple who desires to enrich their marriage and have a more fulfilling life together, whether they have been married for only a short time or for many years.

SDA Marriage Encounter is Christian in orientation and expressed through the background and understanding of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

However, the weekend is not doctrinally oriented and speaks the universal language of love.  Therefore, any couple who is committed to their marriage is welcome, without regard to religion, race, education, financial status or age.


What happens during the Marriage Encounter weekend? 

The weekend focuses on enhancing communication.  The setting is a weekend together, away from the distractions and tensions of everyday life.  It is a time to concentrate totally on each other.

The weekend consists of a series of presentations given by a team of Adventist lay couples and a pastor couple.  The presentations encourage you to look at your marriage as well as your relationship to your family, God, the Church, and the world.

After each presentation a time for personal reflection is provided, followed by a time to share these reflections with your spouse in the privacy of your own room.

The weekend is very carefully structured.  To receive the maximum benefit you must experience the weekend in its entirety on a single weekend. It begins Friday evening and ends late Sunday afternoon.

Your two nights of lodging and fine vegetarian meals will be reserved with your application.  You only need bring your personal items.


Does the weekend respect your privacy?   YES! 

The weekend is very private and personal.  Although you will attend the presentations with other couples, your reflection and sharing time occur privately in your own room.


What does the weekend cost? 

The weekend is financed through free-will donations from couples who want others to enjoy a weekend like they have just enjoyed.  A $50 reservation fee is required to insure your reservation. 

Although the actual cost of the weekend is approximately $375 per couple, no one should stay at home because they can't afford it.  No one is ever denied the opportunity to experience a Marriage Encounter due to lack of funds.


Where is it held? 

The majority of the weekends are held at the Holiday Inn Venitian Court in Rancho Cordova.